Cannabis Licensing

We have carved out a record-setting niche in the space where cannabis entrepreneurs connect with state and local bureaucracies. Since 2015, the medical and recreational cannabis applications we have written have won 29 licenses in highly competitive programs across eight states.

We win because we know firsthand what governments need to know and want to see. We work side-by-side with our clients to create applications that are scrupulously compliant with all laws and regulations – yet still meet the needs of entrepreneurs building new businesses in a youthful, rapidly expanding industry.

At Valor, we don’t just focus on wordsmithing (although our applications are impeccably written.) We develop business procedures and workplace policies that go beyond the application requirements to set our clients apart from the competition. We also bring a passion for equity to our work, crafting staffing, mentoring, and contracting programs designed to bring real diversity to cannabis organizations.

We understand the business of cannabis cultivation, processing, and dispensing. and we can work with you to write an application that’s clean, compliant, and comprehensive. Even more importantly, we can help you write an application that gives your cannabis business the strong, solid foundation you need for future growth and success.

Elizabeth is more than a communications consultant. She’s been on our side every step of the way, and her creativity and commitment have been invaluable in launching our business.

Steve Weisman, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Grassroots Cannabis