Public Policy

Crafting smart, effective public policy takes experience, knowledge, wisdom — and some courage.

But developing a great policy is only the first step. The real test comes when we bring the policy to the public and try to communicate often complex issues clearly, effectively and persuasively. And if we can’t make our case to the people, we can’t expect to win.

​Too often, public policy failures are explained away by the profoundly undemocratic idea that “regular people” can’t understand the complexities of public policy and are unable to recognize what’s best for them.

​That’s wrong, on every level.

​Those of us who champion progressive public policy have a responsibility to let people know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what good is likely to come of it.

We cannot – we must not – be elitist or half-hearted in communicating with those we serve. If we fail in our basic responsibility to include and inform, we risk losing the political battle to those whose policies are not as good, but who do a better job in telling people what they are doing and why.

We can help you create policies that are data-driven and human-focused. And then we can create a campaign that will turn your great ideas into real-life initiatives that change lives.

Don’t throw away your shot. Call Valor.

“Elizabeth Austin has proven herself to be a superior content strategist, campaign consultant and public engagement leader for clients and partners addressing some of the most difficult policy challenges. She has always done this work with heart, bravery, big ideas and winning results.”

—Rikeesha Phelon, Principal, Phelon Public Strategies