Science Communications

America’s scientific enterprise remains under attack by partisans intent on undermining public faith in research and expertise.

To fight those attacks, science needs champions who have the platform, the credibility, and the independence to advocate strongly and credibly for the transformational power of scientific discovery. We want to help you become that champion.

At Valor, we speak the language of science. Just as importantly, we excel at translating the complexities and nuances of research into exciting, compelling – and comprehensible – narratives.

We will work with you to identify, frame, and amplify initiatives and discoveries that will capture the public imagination. We will craft thoughtful statements and op-eds that support your top priorities and connect with readers without sacrificing accuracy or nuance. We will jump into the national discourse with you to stand up and speak out on behalf of American science.

Together, we can extend the impact of your work, bring your ideas to wider audiences, and introduce new generations to the wonders of science.

Quite simply, Elizabeth is the best communicator I’ve ever worked with. She melds communications and strategy, sorting through very complex information and distilling it to the key points to make the strongest impression.

Stuart Henderson,  Director,  Jefferson National Laboratory